Evolution Dance FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Evolution Dance Competition

When and where are your National Finals?

Our National Finals will be held from the 4th - 10th January 2021 at the beautiful RACV Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast



Are you running Solos, Duo/Trios and Groups at National Finals?

Yes, we are. An info booklet will be released mid November with more detailed information.

When do National Finals entries close?

Entries will close Sunday 15th November 2020.

How many entries are we allowed for National Finals?

You can enter all of the routines you qualified with either via a live event or online plus 2 extras.This applies to Solos, Duos/Trios and Groups.

Soloists can enter a maximum of 7 entries (5 qualified and 2 extras).

EVO Elite is considered a separate entry and is NOT included in these maximums.

When will an Age Schedule be released for National Finals?

An info booklet with important information and the age schedule advising which age group and genre will perform on each day should be released mid/late November. A draft program with section break downs, times, etc will follow soon after.

Is the age category for National Finals the same as Regionals even though they've had a birthday and it is a new calendar year?

Yes, the age category is the same. For example, if your child was 8 on the 1st January 2020, they would have performed in the 8-9 Yrs age category.

ALL performers will remain in the same age category as National Finals is a conclusion to the 2020 performance season.

Is there accomodation onsite to National Finals or close by?

You can definitely stay onsite at Royal Pines Resort. As at the 3rd November 2020, there were still over 150 rooms available to book. Please call Royal Pines on 07 5597 8700 and mention Evolution Dance Competition.

Alternatively, Mercure is the next closest resort. If you are after apartments, Broadbeach/Southport  would be the closest and is approx a 15 minute drive.

Do you know when EVO Elite | Groups | Workshops | Grand Final will be?

Due to COVID, we may not have as many entries as initially expected. Subject to entries, National Finals may start slightly later than the 4th January 2021, but will definitely conclude on the 10th January 2021. We will know exact dates by the 17th November 2020.

We definitely know that EVO Elite is ALWAYS the first day of competition.

Groups are always held on the last 2 days of competition, so this likely will be Friday 8th and Saturday 9th January 2021.

Workshops will definitely occur during National Finals. We have locked in our hosts for the workshops, however, we are still unsure whether restrictions on numbers may change between now and January, so we will provide further information closer to time.

Grand Final will be held on the Sunday 10th January 2021. Exact times, etc are not yet finalised and are subject to restrictions on numbers. Usually we only have 1 show, but we may need to have 2 to accomodate spectators.

How many judges will there be for National Finals?

During EVO Elite we have 3 judges each marking out of 100, therefore, the total would be out of 300.

Normal sections for Solos, Duos/Trios and Groups has 2 judges, again, each marking out of 100, giving a total out of 200.

Grand Final will have ALL of our judges, usually 5 or 6, subject to availability.

Will refunds be offered if we are unable to attend National Finals due to a hotspot, borders, or for any other reason?

As we are providing an alternative way to perform at our event (via video link), we will not be providing any refunds. I am sure you can understand that we have costs that need to be covered, and being so close to the event, we are unable to cancel. This is why we have worked incredibly hard to come up with this exciting alternative option!

Will dressing rooms be available?

Yes, there will be dressing rooms available. As we move closer to January, we will provide further information on this as restrictions on numbers for QLD may change between now and then. We are currently at 1 person per 4sqm rule indoors.

Can we wear costumes? What happens with our hair and makeup?

Yes! Costume changing will be allowed and dressing rooms will be provided (with limited numbers). You must change and then exit the dressing room immediately.

Our rule at live Regional events was 1 x hairstyle ONLY and NO makeup changes. Prepare for this process to be the same at National Finals.

Our judges are already aware of this and will automatically score each performer 5 out of 5 for Costume/Music.

What is the protocol for backstage?

Our Backstage Manager will make sure all performers are social distancing and monitor how many performers are backstage. We will be providing hand sanitizer for all to use when entering and exiting the backstage area.

Limits on numbers backstage are TBC.

Can spectators still watch the performances?

Under normal circumstances, we would encourage the whole family to come and watch, however, with limits on people gathering, we are unsure of exact numbers for National Finals at the moment.

We will provide further information closer to the time, but please be assured that it is a high priority for us to have families attend as much as possible.

How will Stage 1 and Stage 2 be laid out?

We are unsure at this very moment as we are hoping that restrictions on numbers may change between now and January 2021.

This is on our radar and we will update when we can.

How are the awards done at National Finals? When are EVO Elite finalists announced? When are Group finalists announced?

Awards will lilely run the same as past National Finals, being at the end of a session. At Regionals we do adjudication after each section, but at National Finals, it is at the end of the session itself.

For example, the session may start at 8:30am and finish at 11am. Awards will then run from 11am - 11:20am.

EVO Elite's perform on the first day of competition. We break them down into 2 sessions:

Session 1 - 5&Under, 6-7 Yrs, 8-9 Yrs and 10-11 Yrs

Session 2 - 12-13 Yrs, 14-15 Yrs, 16-20 Yrs and 21&Over

At the end of each session, the Top 3 from each age category are announced to go through to the Grand Final.

The top 3 Groups for Junior (6&Under, 8&Under), Intermediate (10&Under, 12&Under), and Senior (15&Under, Open Age) are announced on the final day of competition, being Saturday 9th January 2021.

Will Dancevision.TV still be taking photos and videos?

Yes, all performances will be photographed and filmed as normal. You can order at the event itself, or alternatively, you can order online after the event.

Do you have a COVID-Safe plan?

We are currently working on our COVID-Safe Plan for National Finals and will update this information as it comes to hand.

Do we need to complete COVID Training & Contact Tracing?

Like our live Regional events, we will also have a contact tracing form for National Finals. You likely will not need to complete the COVID training, although we are currently working on this and will update everyone accordingly.

When will a 2021 Tour Schedule be available?

We are currently working on this as we speak and hope to release one by early December. We are awaiting confirmation on Academic calendars, etc.